BA05-Using RootNode.Packages-Single Course

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Author and BimlHero Andy Leonard demonstrates how to use RootNode.Packages to enumerate SSIS packages in a Biml project.



Using RootNode.Packages with BimlHero, Andy Leonard!

The BA05 – Using RootNode.Packages – Single Course is an introductory course to help you get started building a Controller SSIS package based on an SSIS Design Pattern that executes multiple SSIS packages!


You must have SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio installed and working properly. You can download SSDT here.

You will need BimlExpress. You can download BimlExpress here.

If you need help obtaining and installing BimlExpress, there’s a course for that! Check out BA01 – Obtain and Install BimlExpress – Single Course.

If you do not know Biml Basics, please check out BA02 – Build Your First Biml File – Single Course.

If you need help getting started building multiple SSIS packages with a single Biml file, check out BA03-Adding Your First BimlScript.

If you need help getting started multiple SSIS packages that construct a target database, schemas, and tables!, check out BA04-Using Biml to Build a Target Database-Single Course.

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