Biml Academy is Relaunched!

We have a couple courses, but we are up and running!

Basic Biml Training includes BA01-Obtain and Install BimlExpress (Single Course) and BA02-Build Your First Biml File (Single Course). Register for Basic Biml Training and gain access to new course units as they become available at no extra cost!

In BA01-Obtain and Install BimlExpress (Single Course), BimlHero Andy Leonard walks you through the steps of obtaining and installing BimlExpress.

In BA02-Build Your First Biml File (Single Course), BimlHero Andy Leonard shares how to build an SSIS package using BimlExpress.

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Pre-Re-Launch Sale

Ok, that’s way too many hyphens…

Here’s the deal: I am preparing to relaunch Biml Academy as a subscription training site. For a limited time (and I do mean LIMITED! No whining when it’s over), if you join my mailing list before I relaunch Biml Academy, you can save 50% on your first Biml Academy purchase!

To take advantage of this offer, subscribe to the Biml Academy mailing list here.