Why Basic Biml Training is a Better Value

Basic Biml Training is a better value for two reasons:

  1. You pay once. You get access to all the course units in Basic Biml Training – now and in the future. There are three course units available as I type this in mid-November 2017.

    When we relaunched Biml Academy, there were two course units available as part of Basic Biml Training. When the third course unit was added, the price of Basic Biml Training increased. The price will increase each time we add a course unit. But here’s the thing: If you purchased Basic Biml Training at the initial price point, you have access to the third unit – at no additional charge.

    That will hold for all course unit additions to Basic Biml Training. Those who purchased Basic Biml Training at an earlier price point will enjoy all future course units added to Basic Biml Training – essentially free.

    If you want to purchase access to Basic Biml Training, now’s the time.

    The price is only going to increase as more course units are added. And – for now – membership is unlimited, which means there is no time limit on the membership you purchase. Like the price, the limit will change in the future (but not for those who purchase when the course is unlimited – like it is now).

    If you are interested in learning Biml, we encourage you to invest early because the price is going to increase and we will eventually introduce limits.

  2. You can purchase access to individual courses (“single course” units), such as the BA03 – Adding Your First BimlScript – Single Course shown here. Purchasing all single course units contained in a course – like Basic Biml Training – should always cost more than purchasing the course.
    The single course units cost less when you buy them with other single course units, grouped into a course (like Basic Biml Training).

So what are you waiting for, the price to increase? Start learning Biml today!

New Course Unit Added-Adding Your First BimlScript

Adding Your First BimlScript has been added as a new standalone course (link below) . The course unit has also been added to the Basic Biml Training course (link above the link below).

Note the sale price increased for Basic Biml Training with the addition of the new course. But those already enrolled in Basic Biml Training will have access to the new content as it becomes available at no extra charge.

Basic Biml Training Course Start Page

BA03 – Adding Your First BimlScript – Single Course

Why Should I Sign Up?

Andy Leonard is here to help™.

Andy is a BimlHero, coder, engineer, and serial student. As a BimlHero, he groks Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml). One thing sets Andy apart as an instructor: Before he even knew what a database was, he was an instructor.

Andy delivered training for the National Guard Professional Education Center and for a technical college, ECPI. Being good at technology is one thing. Delivering training, it turns out, is this whole other thing. Andy’s done both and it shows.

In addition to Biml training, members are invited to Biml Academy’s Slack workspace. Slack is an awesome forum for people to engage in conversations in real time or in a quasi-connected manner. Andy and fellow members will engage with you in discussions about Biml and related topics and answer your questions.

So, what’s holding you back? Join today!

Free Biml Academy Training!

Biml Academy has always been a place for people to receive free training. That hasn’t changed! Below please find links to hours of free Biml Academy Training:

History, Sponsors, and Thanks!

Biml Academy is the brainchild of Andy Leonard. He presented the first delivery in May 2016.

Although Andy delivered those first presentations solo, Scott Currie, the Varigence team, and the BimlHeroes were engaged and helping behind the scenes. Varigence delivered the cool graphics for the original site. Many of those graphics are being used on this site.

SQL Server Central chipped in some awesome free advertising, for which we are extremely grateful!


Andy founded and serves as Chief Data Engineer at Enterprise Data & Analytics, a consulting firm specializing in delivering data integration, data warehouse, business intelligence, data science, data engineering, and analytics solutions and training to enterprise and individuals. He jokes that EDNA funds his Biml habit…