New Course Unit Added-Adding Your First BimlScript

Adding Your First BimlScript has been added as a new standalone course (link below) . The course unit has also been added to the Basic Biml Training course (link above the link below).

Note the sale price increased for Basic Biml Training with the addition of the new course. But those already enrolled in Basic Biml Training will have access to the new content as it becomes available at no extra charge.

Basic Biml Training Course Start Page

BA03 – Adding Your First BimlScript – Single Course

Biml Academy is Relaunched!

We have a couple courses, but we are up and running!

Basic Biml Training includes BA01-Obtain and Install BimlExpress (Single Course) and BA02-Build Your First Biml File (Single Course). Register for Basic Biml Training and gain access to new course units as they become available at no extra cost!

In BA01-Obtain and Install BimlExpress (Single Course), BimlHero Andy Leonard walks you through the steps of obtaining and installing BimlExpress.

In BA02-Build Your First Biml File (Single Course), BimlHero Andy Leonard shares how to build an SSIS package using BimlExpress.

Learn more!

Pre-Re-Launch Sale

Ok, that’s way too many hyphens…

Here’s the deal: I am preparing to relaunch Biml Academy as a subscription training site. For a limited time (and I do mean LIMITED! No whining when it’s over), if you join my mailing list before I relaunch Biml Academy, you can save 50% on your first Biml Academy purchase!

To take advantage of this offer, subscribe to the Biml Academy mailing list here.